Series Mode, non-MOV AC Surge Suppressors/Powerline Filters  

Brick Wall non-MOV series mode surge protection provide much better surge protection than the  common MOV type units.

We believe that the Brickwall surge protectors are the best product on the market for protecting valuable electronic equipment, including audiophile equipment.  These surge protectors do not use MOVs.   We believe that these protectors are one of  the best kept secrets on the www so we are trying to spread the word.   There really is a difference that you will see if you take a few moments to read here.  Some feel that the surge protection "service" that some power companies provide for a monthly fee is a bit of a rip-off.

See here how dangerous MOV surge protection can be: Click here for recall information

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Surge Protectors That WILL NOT Fail!

  • No Sacrificial or Wear Components, 
  • No Surge Diversion To Ground
  • Exceptional Powerline Filtering
  • Fastest Surge Protector Response Time
  • Lowest Surge Protector Clamping Level
  • Lowest Surge Protector Let-Through Voltage

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Brickwall AC surge protection

Brick Wall Series Mode Surge Suppressors/Powerline Filters 
Brickwall AC surge protection No MOVs
Surge suppression and line filtering for critical non-fail protection and clean power.
k Wall Inductor no MOVs 1449 Price Wheeler Brick Wall Surge Protection

You may think that you have surge protection but you really owe it to yourself to examine this product.   If you run any kind of network you really do need this.

These products DO NOT DIVERT SURGES to your ground wire!
These products do NOT use MOVs and will absorb 6000 volt surges all day long without degrading from use.

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Why there are no failures with the BrickWall Surge Protector- No Failures

Full time Noise Filtering with the BrickWall Surge Protector - Powerline Filtering

New Performance Standards with the BrickWall Surge Protector - A New Standard

The Consequences of Diverting Surge Current to Ground - Consequences

Learn the dangers of MOV surge protection.

How a Zero Surge PQ Filter Works

Surge Suppression Simplified

Mode 2 Suppressor Dangers Exposed!

Brick Wall panel surge protectorBrickwall AC surge protection PW2R15

Brickwall Audiophile Rack Mount AC surge protectionOEM Brickwall AC surge protection for manufacturing

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